Post Stroke Programming

Post Stroke Transitional Care Program
Community reintegration.

Not ready to go home from the hospital after your stroke? Finding the assistance you need can be overwhelming. Let us help you.

Moving Forward

The goals of the program are to maximize stroke recovery and provide multiple avenues for successful community reintegration. Offering individuals a comprehensive continuum of services, including education, socialization, recreation, assessment and therapy. As well as connecting individuals to needed community health and social services.

The transitional unit is for individuals transitioning from hospital and who are ready to begin getting out in the community. Services are designed to assist in a variety of situations, such as respite/caregiver relief and a transition home to a private residence, long-term care facility or retirement home. Fees may apply.

In partnership with Health Sciences North.

Monthly Stroke Support Meetings
Educational support group.

A social and educational support group for persons who have suffered a stroke, their friends and family. This group meets once a month to participate in group activities such as dinner socials, hear from guest speakers, and share experiences while offering support to one another. A variety of topics related to general wellness and life after stroke will be covered. Fees may apply.

In partnership with Health Sciences North.

Donato House
Short-term client housing.

The Donato House is a 2-bedroom barrier-free home right on the ICAN property.

About the Donato House: A modern furnished two bedroom, one bathroom, and fully accessible house. Trained Independent Living Assistants on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Modest daily fee which includes meals, bed linens, towels, cleaning, accommodation and assistance from our professional and courteous staff. A lifeline pendant is also supplied.

It is short-term client housing, for people who are: Transitioning from hospital to home, transitioning from hospital to long-term care, transitioning from hospital to a retirement residence or in a situation where caregiver relief or respite is temporarily needed.

Your stay at the Donato House includes ICAN’s trained support staff available to assist with personal care needs, homemaking and activities of daily living.

Living with StrokeTM
Putting the pieces back together.

The Living with StrokeTM program is an eight-week support session for anyone who has had a stroke and their caregiver.

The Living with StrokeTM program will provide persons who have suffered a stroke and their caregivers information and support that will make living with stroke easier.

Topics covered: Physical effects, recovery strategies, communication, lifestyle changes, issues in caregiving, emotional impact, and community resources. Fees may apply.

In partnership with the Heart & Stroke Foundation of CanadaTM.

Together in Movement and ExerciseTM.

Do you want to improve your energy, increase your mobility in the community, make it easier to cross the street before the light changes, and get fit at your own pace and meet new people?

Physical activity can help to maintain or improve physical function and allows for re-integration into community life.

About the Program: Exercise 2 times per week for 12 weeks, exercise programs are designed by physiotherapists, exercise circuit begins with seated warm up (5 min), there are 9 stations in a circuit (40 min), and a cool-down at the end of the circuit (10 min). Fees may apply.

Developed by the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

Fitness and Mobility ExerciseTM.

This group exercise program designed in Vancouver, Canada by Janice Eng PhD PT/OT addresses the multiple impairments that arise from the multiple chronic health conditions of stroke including balance, muscle strength, bone health, mobility, cardiovascular fitness and depression. The FAME program has been proven to improve the physical and cognitive abilities of people living with a stroke and reduce the risk for secondary complications such as falls, fractures and heart disease. Fees may apply.

Healthy Eating
Making healthy recipes packed with flavours from around the world.

The Heart Healthy Kitchen will provide clients with a means of making healthy recipes packed with flavours from around the world. This program brings a group of clients together who want to prepare cost effective, healthy meals.

About the Program: Plan and prepare meals, participate to your ability, learn intermediate food preparation, network with other participants, and follow moderately complex recipes.

Please note: Each participant will be responsible for sharing the cost of the ingredients. Please bring a few containers and a cooler bag to carry your meals back home.

Cognitive Remediation Program for Stroke
Learn strategies for improving your memory.

Learn strategies for improving your memory, concentration, organizational abilities, communication, reading, writing, and other life skills. Fees may apply.

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