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Many people say if they could describe ICAN in one word, it would be “Community”. We are proud of the fact that, as service providers, our clients and their families describe ICAN as a community that cares about people.

When it comes to our employees, many of them have been with ICAN for more than a decade. That continuity and expertise helps foster that feeling of community and family at ICAN. We look forward to having you join our community.

Who We Are

The people who work at ICAN - Independence Centre and Network are passionate about helping seniors and people with physical disabilities. Our goal is your goal – to have our clients live independent, productive and happy lives.

We are a non-profit organization that provides a variety of services, resources and support systems in both English and French. Our services include post stroke transitioning, supportive housing, outreach services, detailed assessments and progressive independence training.

ICAN has a distinguished history in the Greater Sudbury area. We were established back in 1977, the dream of a two person committee of the local parent Association for Cerebral Palsy and other physical handicaps. Since then, we have grown and flourished. Today, we have over 100 employees and have helped more than a thousand people since we first opened our doors. ICAN is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of people with physical disabilities as well as representatives of the professional and business community.

The majority of our services are funded by our community partners at the North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN).

Welcome from CEO

On behalf of the entire ICAN family, I want to welcome you to the Independence Centre and Network in Sudbury. We are a not-for-profit organization that's been around since 1977. Over the years, we've seen a lot of smiles and some incredible success stories.

ICAN helps people with physical disabilities move forward and live independently. We also help people after they've suffered a stroke or a serious permanent injury. For many, the only thing stopping them from living in their own homes and community inclusion is help with things like bathing and cooking -- and some physical rehabilitation. That's what we do -- we empower people to move on with their lives.

Please take the time to view the information on this website which outlines our many services. If you have any questions, just drop us a line.

We have an incredible team of caring professionals here at ICAN who aim to provide the best individualized support and rehabilitation services available. We are extremely proud of our track record and look forward to helping you or your loved one become our next inspiring success story.

Marie Leon

Board of Directors Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020

  • Promote ICAN Brand Recognition
  • Explore Seamless Integration Opportunities
  • Human Resource Retention
  • Advocate for more Funding
  • Improve Infrastructure and Technology
  • Ensure Seamless Operation
  • Become a Recognized Centre of Excellence
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We provide assistance to live independently and inclusively in the community through individualized support and rehabilitation services.

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Individuals have the optimal support to live independently within their community.

Board of Directors



















Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Marie Leon

Marie is the CEO of ICAN and has been with the organization for 28 years. Marie’s commitment to the organization was actually borne out of the experiences she and her family had dealing with her father’s stroke. Marie attended Cambrian College and earned diplomas in both the Law Clerk Program and Business Administration. She joined ICAN in 1995 as book-keeper and worked her way up through the organization. She became the Accounting/IT Assistant, then the Executive Coordinator, the Manager of Corporate Services and then CEO. Marie is known for her openness and her hands-on approach to leadership and team building. She loves going to work every day and considers her colleagues and ICAN clients as a second family.

Manager of Client Services
Nathalie Hall

Nathalie started at ICAN in October of 2013 as an Independent Living Assistant in our Supportive Housing program. Since then, she has held many positions; she has been a Shift Lead, Scheduler and Admin Assistant. In 2018, Nathalie joined the Leadership Team as a Scheduling Supervisor and is presently a Client Services Supervisor. She enjoys taking on new challenges and projects, all while ensuring client’s maintain their goals to remain in an independent setting. With her dedication and commitment to ICAN , she looks forward to being with this organization for years to come. Nathalie is proud to be part of this wonderful organization and team, ICAN is truly and forever will be a part of my life.

Manager of Client Services
Paul McDowell

Paul was hired in September of 2000 after his community placement at ICAN with the PSW program through Cambrian College. He was an Independent Living Assistant for 12 years until he was hired as a Rehabilitation Support Worker for the Assisted Living and Enhanced Congregate Care programs. Paul was promoted to Client Services Supervisor in May of 2013 and is now Manager of Client Services for ICAN’s Outreach, Assisted Living, Low Acuity, Home Help and Respite programs. Paul feels that he is now part of a wonderful team fully committed to the clients, staff, ICAN and the community.

Manager of Human Resources
Matt Gridley

Matt is the Scheduling Supervisor at ICAN and has been with the organization since 2016. Matt attended Cambrian College where he earned a diploma in Business Administration. He was initially hired as an intern with a 1-year contract, but he immediately knew that ICAN was where he wanted his career to be. Matt worked as hard as he could to find his permanent place at ICAN, eventually being hired on full-time as a Scheduler, which led to him joining the leadership team in 2020. Matt fully believes in ICAN’s mission and is extremely proud to be able to help it’s clients achieve their goals.

Corporate Services Lead
Krystina Newfeld

Krystina’s background in administration, pension, and benefits makes her a versatile employee. The skills and knowledge she applies in these areas play a significant role in enhancing the company’s operations, and ultimately ensuring future success. As the Corporate Services Lead, Krystina is responsible for overseeing a multitude of administrative functions within ICAN. This includes supervising staff, streamlining operations, as well as maintaining and improving pension and benefits programs that contribute to the company’s growth.

Client Services Supervisor
Gaetanne Larocque

Gaetanne is a Client Services Supervisor who has been with ICAN for 35 years. Gaetanne applied at ICAN in October 1988 after graduating from Cambrian College in Social Services. She started out as a part-time Independent Living Assistant and after one year, she became full-time in the Supportive Housing program. In 2009, she was appointed to the Rehabilitation Support Worker position. In June 2016, she joined the Leadership Team where she continues to grow and still maintains the independent philosophy for all clients.

Client Services Supervisor
Ian Burcher

Ian came to ICAN in 2001 after emigrating from Great Britain with eight years’ experience working with adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours. Beginning as an Independent Living Assistant, Ian has advanced through the agency as a Shift Lead, Rehabilitation Support Worker and Client Services Coordinator to his current position as Client Services Supervisor. Ian feels blessed to work at ICAN and to be part of such an amazing team whose priority is always the best quality service to the clients served.

Client Services Supervisor
Justin Jeanveau

Justin has been with ICAN since May of 2012. He started as a part-time Independent Living Assistant in our Supportive Housing program on night shift. He gradually started working all shifts and in February of 2013, he obtained a full-time position. Just over a year later, Justin became shift lead and this is when he knew he wanted to climb the ladder to be part of the Leadership Team. After 3 years, he became a Rehabilitation Support Worker and then Client Services Coordinator where he assisted the clients in the Supportive Housing program and helmed the Reintegration Unit. In November of 2020, Justin became a Client Services Supervisor. Justin’s dedication and commitment to ICAN have shown through in all his positions and he is grateful for this opportunity. ICAN is a big part of his life. Justin loves new challenges and looks forward too many more years with ICAN and being a part of the Leadership Team.

Client Services Supervisor
Melanie Savard

Melanie is a Client Services Supervisor and has been with ICAN since November of 2009. She began working as a part time Independent Living Assistant in Supportive Housing and became full time in 2010. From there, she went on to become a Shift Lead and 4 years later she became a Rehabilitation Support Worker in the Independence Training Center. In 2017, she became a Client Services Coordinator, where she provided support to clients and assisted them in achieving their goals in being independent and striving in the community. In August of 2021, Melanie joined the leadership team and began her current role as a Client Services Supervisor, where she provides support to clients and employees. She values the independent living philosophy, inclusion and high-quality services. Melanie is very grateful and proud to be part of such a great team. She is dedicated to ICAN and is looking forward to being a part of this great community for many more years.

Client Services Supervisor
Sue MacKinnon

Sue came to ICAN in June 2011 after working in Barrie with adults with challenging behaviors and complex medical needs. She started her career at ICAN as an ILA in the Outreach program and moved her way up to the Post Stroke Transitional Care program as a Rehabilitation Support Worker where, she earned her diploma as a Physiotherapy Assistant. In November of 2021, Sue joined the Leadership Team as a Client Services Supervisor for the Outreach Assisted Living Frail Seniors’ program. She enjoys taking on new challenges and projects, all while ensuring clients maintain their goals to remain in an independent setting. With her dedication and commitment to ICAN, she looks forward to being with this organization for years to come.

Scheduling Supervisor
Derek Cooper

Derek graduated from Cambrian College in Business Administration in 2014.  Derek’s ICAN journey started in October of 2021 as a client in the Independence Training Centre.  A few months later, a contract position was posted for a full-time Scheduler where he applied and was offered the job.  Derek quickly fell in love with the atmosphere and organization as a whole and knew ICAN was a place he could build an exciting career with.  Derek is now the Scheduling Supervisor and takes pride in his commitment and dedication to ICAN.

Executive Assistant
Johanne Ramsay

Johanne is the Executive Assistant at ICAN and has been with the organization since March 2009. Johanne attended Cambrian College/Collège Boréal and graduated from the Administration de bureau program. She keeps the leadership team organized when it comes to meetings and special events and loves new challenges. ICAN has shown her that anyone can reach their goal as long as they believe.

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